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Major Project Facilitation

Major Project Facilitation

The Major Project Facilitation (MPF) program is administered by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (the Department) on behalf of the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development (the Minister).

The Minister may grant status to suitable projects where the proponent has made the appropriate application and the project is assessed as meeting the eligibility criteria.

A key Australian Government objective is to foster long term productivity growth in the Australian economy. As well as striving to provide an open, transparent and internationally competitive business operating environment, the Australian Government seeks to encourage private sector investment in productive and sustainable enterprise.

At the same time, it is the Australian Government’s role to ensure environmentally responsible and orderly development, which is consistent with Australian Government policy and regulation across a wide range of areas. This includes foreign investment, immigration, quarantine, customs and petroleum exploration and production licensing.

The MPF program is open to all industry sectors, not just the infrastructure sector.

Projects currently holding MPF status include projects from the oil and gas and minerals sector, agri-business and advanced manufacturing. While the program does not entail any direct funding assistance, the MPF service extends to helping the project proponent identify any existing Australian Government assistance programs and facilitating the application process.

Further details on MPF are available including the eligibility criteriaapplication and administrative process.

In recognition of the potential that government approval processes have to add complexity to the planning and developing of major project investment, the Government offers a free Major Project Facilitation (MPF) service to eligible projects. Where appropriate, the MPF service will endeavour to ensure that Commonwealth approval processes are coordinated with relevant state and territory government approval processes.

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Last Updated: 10 October, 2013